Color Guard

The Peoria Police Department Color Guard was formed many years ago for the purpose of providing the display of our flags of the United States of America, Illinois State Flag, City of Peoria Flag, and Peoria Police Department flag. Rifle drill personnel were added in recent years. The Color Guard has provided services for parades, funeral services, memorial services, awards ceremonies, inaugurations, meetings, and sporting events. It is comprised of both male and female officers who volunteer. They devote many hours training to perfect their performance.

Current members of the color guard are as follows: 

  • Lt. Ronald "Scott" Cook
  • Sgt. David Cook
  • Lt. Michael Eddlemon
  • Sgt. Mike Falatko
  • Lt. Willie King
  • Officer Michael Clark
  • Officer Javier Grow
  • Officer Philip Mahan
  • Officer Michael Ott
  • Officer Rory Poynter
  • Sgt. Paul Segroves
  • Officer Jason Spanhook
  • Officer Gerald Suelter
  • Officer Tim Turner
  • Officer Aaron Watkins
  • Officer Tim Wong
  • Bagpipe Specialist Mr. Kevin Nickerson
  • Bugler Mr. Ron Allgaier


Sergeant David Cook handles the administrative aspects of the organization and coordinates all events that the Color Guard participates in. 

Lt. Ronald Cook oversees training for the unit. In the event Sgt. David Cook is not available, please attempt to contact Lt. Ronald Cook.

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