Transportation Information

  1. Malfunctioning Signals

To request repairs of damaged or non-working traffic signals:

Public Works
3505 N Dries Lane

After hours, weekends or holidays:
Peoria Police Department Traffic Division
Phone: 309-494-8259

  1. Traffic Signal Coordination
  1. Flashing Yellow turn signals

Traffic Counts

Traffic counts, along with various other data, allow the Traffic Engineering Division to make informed decisions whenever we make changes on a particular street. We perform counts so we can get a good idea of what the traffic volumes are for particular streets. All traffic counts are conducted within the City limits.

If there is a concern on your street and you would like Traffic Engineering staff to investigate this concern then contact:
Traffic Engineering Division
Phone: 309-494-8800

If you would like additional traffic count information, you can also visit the getting around Illinois IDOT website.

Street Signs

To report missing or damaged signs, call:
Public Works Dispatch
Phone: 309-494-8800

To request a sign be moved, removed or a new sign installed, call:
Traffic Engineering
Phone: 309-494-8800

Oversized Loads

The City honors State permits for the movement of oversized loads on city streets, but the route must be approved by the Office of the Traffic Engineer.

Contact Information:
Andrea Klopfenstein, P.E.
3505 N Dries Lane
Peoria, Illinois 61604
Phone: 309-494-8800


Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 4:30 pm