Peoria Public Works offers a number of programs to residents. You can contact the Department about any of the following programs. Comments or questions are welcome.

  • Traffic Calming Program
    Traffic calming can support the goal of making our streets safer for all roadway users.
  • Street Light Banner Program
    Street banners are decorative signs placed temporarily on city poles, often to display upcoming events.
  • Stormwater Credits and Grants
    Program helps property owners repair eroding areas on their private property.
  • Sanitary Sewer Backup Program
    Program helps property owners in designated areas of the City to avoid sanitary sewer backups through basement floor drains or basement shower drains, during heavy rains. See Sewer Backup Prevention and Wildcat Sewer Lateral Programs Brochure (PDF).
  • Honorary Street Signs
    Allows citizens the opportunity to honor people who have made significant contributions to the community. Signs are displayed for a one-year period. $300 application fee.
  • Mayor's Youth Program
    Program engages Peoria teens through hands-on work experience and learning in various construction, landscaping and maintenance jobs available within the City. The summer program is open to teens ages 16 to 18.
  • Paint a Plow Program
    The Paint a Plow program allows Peoria organizations to paint a snowplow blade with messages of winter, snow and ice safety, City or community pride, or patriotism.
  • Pole Banner Program
    Pole Banners are decorative signs placed temporarily on city poles, often to display upcoming events.
  • Slow Down, Look Around!
    The concern for safety is so great, that the push to, 'Slow Down, Look Around,' is now a city of Peoria Public Works Department public safety campaign geared toward encouraging everyone to share the road and extend some common courtesies to avoid accidents.
  • Planter Painting Policy
    A policy to address not just the singular request but future requests for City-owned concrete structures located in the ROW, as the City desires to encourage the display of art in public spaces. See the policy and application.
  • Murray Baker Bridge Lighting Requests
    The Murray Baker Bridge Ornamental Lighting Program allows individuals or organizations in recognition of special events to change the system's light colors from dusk until dawn.