Planter Painting Policy

In the spring of 2021, the Public Arts Advisory Commission received a request to paint the City-owned concrete structures that are located in the right-of-way (ROW) at the intersection of Columbia Terrace and University Street. It was decided at that time that it was prudent to develop a policy to address not just the singular request but future requests for City-owned concrete structures located in the ROW, as the City desires to encourage the display of art in public spaces.

Questions regarding the policy or the Public Arts Advisory Commission meetings may be emailed to Stacy Peterson, Strategic Communications Manager, or you can call 309-494-8560. Questions regarding the right-of-way and engineering requirements can be emailed to Sie Maroon, Superintendent of Operations/Assistant Public Works Director, or you can call 309-494-8885. Legal questions may be emailed to Masum Perkins, Assistant City Attorney, or you can call 309-494-8595.

Current Locations Include:

  • Underhill (2)
  • Bourland (2)
  • St James (9)
  • Concordia School (4)
  • Sheridan/Main (14)
  • Columbia Terrace/University (24)

Policy & Application

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