Even the smallest bathrooms have lots of recyclables in them.

The Bathroom Tour - What Is Recyclable?

Let's walk through your bathroom for the most common items we'll find.

  • In the closet and cupboards
    • Boxes
      • Cardboard packaging from items like bandages, soap bars, and toothpaste
    • Plastic containers
      • Packaging of sunscreen, deodorant, and medications
    • On the countertop
      • Plastic bottles for your hand soap, sanitizer, contact solution, vitamins, mouth wash, etc.
      • Moisturizer, hair spray (plastic pump-top bottles), and makeup bottles
    • In the shower
      • Plastic containers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
      • Metal containers of shave gel
    • Under the sink
      • Spray bottles of cleaner and bleach
      • Plastic bottles of toilet cleaner
    • Empty toilet paper roll tubes

How to Recycle in the Bathroom

You probably already have a trash bin in your bathroom. If you have the space, put a second container just for recyclables. When it's full, empty into a larger bin in the kitchen or straight into your recycling cart for pick up.

For specific materials, follow these steps.

  • Glass and plastics
    • Give them a quick rinse
    • Leave the labels on
    • Throw the pump dispenser in the trash
  • Boxes
    • Flatten boxes of all sizes to leave plenty of space in your cart

What Isn't Recyclable?

  • Plastic bags
  • Pump dispensers from soaps, body washes, and other bathroom products
  • Toilet paper and tissues
  • Small paper cups
  • Old towels, washcloths, or other fabrics
  • Aerosol containers
  • Electronics such as hairdryer, curling iron, etc.

When In Doubt, Throw It Out

Remember, if you're not sure if an item is recyclable, throw it out. This helps keep our recycling clean and free of materials that cannot be recycled.