Local Historic Landmarks and Districts

The City of Peoria has 6 local historic districts, 5 national historic districts, and 24 local historic landmarks. 
For more information on Peoria's history and information on available tours, check out the Peoria Historical Society. 

Historic Districts

Wondering if you live in a historic district, or just curious? View our Historic District Map. 

National Historic Districts

Downtown Peoria National Historic District
Grand View Drive National Historic District
Northside National Historic District
Warehouse National Historic District
West Bluff National Historic District

Local Historic Districts

Flora-Ellis Historic District
Glen Oak Historic District
Knoxville Avenue Historic District
Moss-High Historic District
Perry Avenue Historic District
Randolph-Roanoke Historic District

Historic Landmarks

A home, a government or commercial building, and even a street can be designated as a local historic landmark. This is a very important tool in preserving Peoria's history. 

Designate a Landmark

Historic landmarks are approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. Visit the Historic Preservation Commission page to learn more and submit an application for a new historic landmark.