Peoria Urban Enterprise Zone (PUEZ)

Central Business District

What is an Enterprise Zone?

The Peoria Urban Enterprise Zone (PUEZ) provides sales tax exemptions and property tax abatements to qualifying projects (link provides direction on qualifying projects). Prior to receiving tax exemptions, projects must have a building permit and complete the application process. To see the locations that are part of the PUEZ, follow the link to Peoria County GIS Online Tool.

After clicking the link, do the following steps to view the Enterprise Zone layer:

  1. Click 'Map Layers' (along the top of the map)
  2. Click 'Administrative' dropdown (4th option down)
  3. Click 'PUEZ Amendment 8' checkbox (4th option down)
  4. Select "Search" and type the address in question

Application for PUEZ Incentives

Application for Subcontractor Tax-Exempt Certificates

Should be applied for AFTER completing the PUEZ Incentive Application)

Property Tax Abatement Incentive