What are special uses and rezoning permits?

A rezoning or a special use is required when a property owner proposes to use their land for purposes other than those permitted by the current zoning classification. The filing procedure for applications is the same. The following is the process:

  1. A meeting should be scheduled with a Planning Department Staff person to discuss the proposal in detail and receive staff suggestions on how to proceed.
  2. After the conference, the applicant submits the completed application form, site plan (if required), and the processing fee.
  3. The application is reviewed by the Planning Department staff who then prepares an analysis and recommendation for the Planning and Zoning Commission. The time, date and place of the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting is advertised in local newspapers and all adjacent property owners are notified.
  4. The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider each request at a public hearing. The applicant and the general public may present information to the Commission which may recommend approval as submitted, approval subject to certain conditions, denial of the application, or deferral of the case to a future meeting. After the Planning and Zoning Commission makes a recommendation, rezoning and special use requests are heard by the City Council. The Council will take final action on the request. If the request is approved, the property owner may proceed with development plans, taking into consideration any conditions which may have been imposed by the Council.

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1. What are special uses and rezoning permits?
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