What if I am moving or have moved in 2021?

The property owner at the time of billing is responsible for the entire year’s fee.

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1. City Council voted we no longer have this, so why am I receiving this bill?
2. How do I pay?
3. What if I am moving or have moved in 2021?
4. I do not agree with the square footage range on my properties Public Safety Pension Fee bill. How do I appeal?
5. Can I see a sample bill?
6. How will I be able to tell the Public Safety Pension Fee bill from the Stormwater Utility Bill?
7. I own more than one property in the city. Will I receive one bill or more than one?
8. Can I combine my Public Safety Pension Fee and Stormwater payments?
9. Why is the Public Safety Pension program a fee and not collected as a property tax increase?
10. What is the Delinquency procedure and how do I read my Delinquency Notice?