What fire codes do the Peoria Fire Department Utilize?

The Peoria Fire Department utilizes the 2012 International Fire Code and 2015 National Fire Prevention Association's (NFPA 101) 2015 Life Safety Code (LSC). Note: the NFPA 101 2015 LSC (State Code) is mandated by the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM). In the utilization of these identified codes; the most stringent shall be used when applicable.

The OSFM-adopted LSC is applicable statewide in all occupancy classifications with the exception of public elementary and secondary schools under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Board of Education and single- two-family dwellings, where the code is adopted as a recommendation only.

The LSC requires compliance in both new and existing occupancies. While certain LSC requirements pertaining to existing occupancies are less stringent than those applicable to new occupancies, the State Code does not exempt or grandfather any existing occupancies from code compliance.

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1. What fire codes do the Peoria Fire Department Utilize?
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