What do I do if I need legal advice?

The City Legal Department cannot provide legal services to private citizens. For assistance with legal representation contact one of these organizations.

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1. Can I change or reschedule my court date for a code or ordinance violation?
2. Where can I pay my fines?
3. Can someone else appear in administrative court on my behalf?
4. Who is my Inspector?
5. How do I get a scope of work to repair a property?
6. Why do I have to pay a fine for an ordinance violation when I already have a work order invoice regarding the same incident?
7. How do I find out the status of my criminal court case?
8. I have been served with a summons for a demolition case. What can I do to defend or resist the demolition of my property?
9. Does the City assume ownership of the property once it has been demolished?
10. Why do I need to register my property?
11. How do I register my property?
12. If I receive a violation, what kind of effect will it have on my liquor license?
13. What do I do if I need legal advice?
14. What can I do of my car has been impounded?
15. Where and what amount do I pay for a lien or abatement lien?