Why is a stormwater utility the right funding solution?

City staff believes a stormwater utility fee is a right option for Peoria for a number of reasons:

  • A fair solution: The fee would be based on the amount of runoff you contribute to the system. This approach, rather than increasing property or sales tax (which has no relation to the runoff that a property contributes), is the most equitable way to fund the stormwater program.
  • Competition for funds: The City currently funds a portion of stormwater management through the General Fund. A lot of important programs are also funded through the General Fund, and these different priorities - roads, fire, police - compete with one another. A dedicated funding stream would ensure that the appropriate amount of monetary support and attention was given to our wet weather needs.
  • Accountability and transparency: Because user fees are dedicated to funding specific programs, citizens can see exactly how the City is using the revenues that are collected.

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