What does it mean to register my property as "Exempt"?


Non-Owner Occupied Exemptions

Some Non-Owner Occupied Properties can qualify as "Exempt."  Exempt properties must still be registered, however the required registration fee is waived if the properties meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Property is occupied by an immediate family member (Parent, Sibling, Grandparent, Child)
  • Owner occupied duplex*. (The deeded owner of the property lives in one unit of the duplex)
  • Property is temporarily vacant for no more than 6 continuous months
  • Property is vacant and listed for sale (copy of MLS/proof of sale must be provided)
  • Property has been "Mothballed" per City Code and has an active Mothball Permit
  • Property is in probate or similar estate settlement status

*Duplex is the only qualifying multi-family property eligible for exemption

Short-Term Rental Property Tax Exemption:

  • Room stays that are 30 consecutive days or more are exempt from the 8% Room Rental tax*

*Short-Term Rental Properties are not eligible for any other exemption

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