How do I pay for my Property Registration?

Ways To Pay for Non-Owner Occupied Property or Foreclosure Property Registration

  • In Person: Cash, Credit Card, Check, or Money Order at City Hall Treasury Department 419 Fulton St. Rm. 100 Peoria, IL 61602 
  • Mail: Check or Money Order payment is accepted via mail payment to: City of Peoria Attn: Office of Accounts Receivable 419 Fulton St. Room 111 Peoria, IL 61602
  • Drop Box: Check or Money Order payment can be placed in the drop box located to the immediate right of the front door of City Hall, 419 Fulton St Peoria, IL 61602

When remitting your payment for a registration renewal, please be sure to include the following:

  • Property Address and/or Parcel Number being registered
  • City Assigned Registration Number (if known), or Customer Number for Foreclosure Property Registration
  • If remitting payment for more than 1 property, be sure to include a complete list of ALL properties for which payment is being remitted.
  • Copy of Invoice and/or Invoice number provided by Accounts Receivable Office (if applicable) 
  • If mailing, check or money order payment for registration

When remitting payment for a NEW Non-Owner Occupied Property registration please be sure to include the following:

Ways to Pay for Short-Term Rental Property License & Taxes

*All check/money order payments should be made out to "City of Peoria"

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