LaTrina Leary

LaTrina Leary


Peoria Township Supervisor

Peoria Township


Occupation: As Peoria Township Supervisor, LaTrina Leary was elected to serve as Peoria Township’s chief executive officer of the township, treasurer of all township funds and supervisor of the general assistance program. The general assistance program, which is the majority of her work, helps eligible applicants with emergencies or essential needs, such as shelter, utilities, or eyeglasses.  


Community Involvement: Ms. Leary volunteers with many school and community events, including Juneteenth celebrations, Toys for Tots and the East Bluff Community Center’s annual Christmas dinner. To her, community involvement means voting. She arranged for the township supervisor’s office to serve as a voter registration site.


Education: Graduate, Manual High School, attended Illinois Central College, currently working on business degree from Western Governors University


Elected office: She was elected Peoria Township Supervisor in 2021.


Three things she’s passionate about: ”1. Family 2. The community 3. History”


Three favorite hobbies: Recreating Pinterest-inspired projects; listening to music; and “spending the most valuable thing that life has to offer, which is TIME with my husband, Matthew, and our children.”


Career influence or inspiration: “I am inspired by my close-knit community of friends, most of them from my childhood. I can honestly say our support in each other’s journey in life is truly remarkable. I am extremely blessed to have them in my life.” Additionally, she admires a cousin, DaRhanda Words, who inspired her to return to college.


Inspirational quote: “Your journey is yours. You cannot force others to understand your path or force them to come along. However, you must trust the process. Accept that the challenges ahead are personal lessons. The lessons learned will give you a greater appreciation of your journey and empower you to never give up.”

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