Improve Infrastructure

Peoria's storm system is essential to our city. As the system ages and deteriorates, it causes health, safety and quality-of-life issues citywide. Our goal is to address those problems proactively so we can extend the life of our pipes and drains.

Putting Eyes Underground

We know our sewer infrastructure is aging, but seeing problems below ground isn't easy. That's why we launched a camera-televising program in 2015 that helps us monitor miles of underground storm sewers and identify cracks or damage. With adequate funding, we can fix small problems before they turn big, expensive failures. Being proactive saves taxpayer money, reduces road construction and makes for a safer city.

Planning for the Entire System

By creating a complete inventory of all assets in the stormwater system, we will ensure that the City knows what it owns, where that asset is located, and what its current condition is. This big-picture view of the stormwater infrastructure allows Public Works to use a technique called "lifecycle management," which helps us stay current on repairs and maintenance. By knowing the history of each piece of the storm sewer, we can better predict future needs for the asset to be used for its full intended purpose.

Repairing or Replacing Current Infrastructure

Thanks to the funding from the stormwater utility, Public Works can lengthen the life of the current stormwater infrastructure. We will line existing pipes with a "cured in place" technique that creates smooth surfaces, fills cracks and adds structural strength to the pipe. We will upgrade the materials we use, swapping out rusting metal or steel for reinforced concrete and even PVC in certain cases. We will replace inlets and manholes where pipes come together. Most of our system is over 80 years old and, due to budget constraints, has received only minimal maintenance. We will make the sorely-needed repairs, replace what we can't fix and make sure our system is safe and working to its full potential.

Preserving Streams & Water Channels

Fast-flowing water threatens the streams and channels we have in our system. When runoff rushes in, it causes erosion by chewing away at the sides of creeks, streams or ravines. That's why we're encouraging everyone to help control stormwater where it falls - on individual properties. When we manage runoff, we slow and reduce the amount of water that flows through channels. The stormwater utility allows Public Works to restore urban streams by using native plants, rocks and stones to slow water naturally. When natural solutions aren't enough, Public Works will install concrete fixes like walls and weirs (a low dam that slows the water and creates a pool of water).

Supporting Private Property Drainage

For years, Peoria has offered a Private Property Drainage Assistance Program to support individuals with stormwater problems. To qualify, the source of water causing the problem must be coming from other properties and beyond the owner's control. If this condition is met, the City of Peoria looks at ways to help reduce or stop further damage or erosion from this water on the property. If a project is small, individual in nature and totally contained on private property, it may qualify for a 75% reimbursement of costs (maximum reimbursement of $7,500 per property). Typical projects include erosion control on steep slopes, grading away from a house, creating a swale (small drainage channel) and installing yard drains and pipes. The stormwater utility will help the City expand this important program, creating funding to help more properties. To learn more, please read the Credit Manual (PDF).