College Internship Program


We are pleased to join efforts with area universities and colleges to extend the privilege of internship experiences. Our internships allow students to observe and work in all divisions of our Department. Typical experiences include:

  • Community Services
  • Juvenile Detective
  • Adult Detective
  • Crime Scene Unit
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Patrol (all shifts)
  • Neighborhood Police Officer Program
  • Target Offender Unit

It is hard to predict specific experiences that interns receive. Internships are typically composed of 80% observation and 20% actual work. Observation experiences for interns have included a wide variety of police work. Some of our interns have joined detectives at autopsies, been with the first patrol units to arrive on major crime scenes, starred in Crime Stopper's reenactments, and served as hostages in Special Response Team exercises. We intend to provide a comprehensive learning experience. However, we cannot guarantee the exact experiences you will receive due to the cyclical nature of police activities and the unpredictability of criminal activity.

An internship with the Peoria Police Department should be rich and rewarding and relate closely to experiencing the position of an officer's schedule and duties. We hope to provide students with an opportunity to be actual participants and observers in the day-to-day operations of a law enforcement agency. Interns will have the chance to compare and contrast academic teachings to real-life situations.

College Internship Application

Applicants must contact their university or college internship coordinators or counselors to ensure all school requirements have been met and they are eligible for an internship program.

Some schools require that all initial contact with agencies be coordinated through their internship coordinator. The Peoria Police Department encourages students to adhere to their school's procedures strictly. An official document from your school must accompany the application stating your eligibility and the course this internship will be considered.

Each student must submit an application to the Peoria Police Department. Students should submit their completed applications (signed and dated) to the attention of the Intern Coordinator, Peoria Police Department, 600 SW. Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602. Students may also include a resume and cover letter with their application. To obtain an application packet, call the office of Jennifer Engelbrecht at 309-494-8250 or download the application.

Downloadable Files