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Non-Owner Occupied Property Registration Application

  1. Registered Property

    This form is for use when registering properties that are located within the City limits of the City of Peoria, IL as Non-Owner Occupied. 

    This form does not complete registration. 

    You will receive an invoice. Payment will be required in order for your property to be in compliance. 

  2. Address of Property being Registered

  3. Total Number of units at the property

    Enter 1 for a single family property

  4. Parcel Number of Property being Registered. Do not use "-"

  5. Property Exemption

    Properties are ONLY exempt from the registration fee if they meet one of the listed qualifications:

    • Occupied by an Immediate Family Member (child, sibling, parent, grandparent)
    • Property is listed for sale and is VACANT
    • Property is in probate or similar estate settlement status
    • Property is an Owner-Occupied Duplex
  6. Property Is Exempt*
  7. Yes, Property is Exempt

    If you answered, "Yes" to your property being exempt, choose one of the following reasons for your exemption.

  8. Property Owner Information
  9. Property Manager Information

    To be completed if someone other than the owner will be managing Property Registration.

  10. Acknowledgement
    1. I/We the undersigned, acknowledge the data submitted in this application is an accurate representation of the date of this application and the statement shall be prima facia proof of the statements in any administrative enforcement or court proceedings.
    2. I/We the undersigned understand that it is illegal to operate a rental unit within the City of Peoria without registering the property as non-owner occupied.
    3. I/We understand that failure to comply or provide accurate information will result in legal actions and fines.
    4. I/We understand that the submission and approval of this application does not indicate the property is in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, Building Codes, or Property Maintenance Code.
    5. I/We understand that I/We must notify Accounts Receivable within 10 business days of any change in the registration statement.
  11. Applicant Acknowledgement*
  12. Leave This Blank:

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