Police Department Records Unit handles storage, both hard copy and electronic, of all police reports, records and documents. The unit is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of reports, arrest and criminal history information. We handle requests for dissemination of information for our police department, other agencies and the public. Dissemination of information must comply with all department, state and federal laws and guidelines, and confidentiality laws. We handle all city permit licenses and identifications, special permits, processing of visa and adoption papers, fingerprinting for employment as required by state laws, all "offender" registrations, and public notification of sex offenders. We provide the department, city and state with statistics about reports, crime and police incidents.

Yearly, the Records Unit personnel handles over 43,000 police incident reports and enters more than 576,000 report forms into the computer.

We process about 9,370 insurance requests for accident reports, 1,900 requests for incident reports through the Freedom of Information Act, and 75 subpoenas. The criminal history clerks process information for more than 18,700 arrests.

Records counter clerks handle more than 3,500 requests for information from police personnel. In addition, they handle more than 6,000 walk in and 7,500 telephone requests for information from the public.

The License Clerk processes more than 7,800 false alarms. Records personnel fingerprinted more than 1,000 city and local government applicants, and processed over 1,500 requests for city licenses. We provided information about registered sex offenders to more than 400 local agencies.

The Records Unit generated more than $165,900 through accident report requests, false alarm billings, license fees and report requests in 2000. These fees are deposited into the City General Funds account.