Support Services

EmployeeSupport Services consists of the Technical Services Division, the Information Office, the Records Unit and the Training Unit.

The Technical Services Division is responsible for administration and maintenance of all departmental records, security, and the management of departmental vehicles and facilities.

All criminal histories, arrest records and related information are maintained within the division. The Information Office coordinates walk-in and telephone complaints, arrest bookings, report processing and departmental referrals.


Training FacilitiesTraining Division provides the training and equipment for all 240 employees of the Peoria Police Department. Training is responsible for purchasing and issuing all police gear and uniforms, planning, developing and evaluating training programs, administering the firearms program including the operation of the range, maintaining training records, administering the training budget, developing and selecting instructors, orientation of all police recruits, notifying personnel of required training, and scheduling the training classrooms.

On average, the Training Unit annually plans or schedules 250 schools locally and throughout the U.S. Commissioned officers receive an average of 80 hours of training each year, including a mandatory 24-hour block on "CORE" topics. In 2016, some of these topics included Defensive Tactics, Tactical Firearms, Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Mental Health Awareness, Domestic Violence and Haz-Mat/cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)/ Bloodborne Pathogens.

Please feel free to email Training or call 309-494-8240.