The city of Peoria Public Works Department snow fighters begins an all-out plowing effort whenever two inches of snowfall is forecast and/or has accumulated. Efforts continue as the snow continues to fall and after it ceases. The primary goals of the snow removal plan are to maintain safe travel routes during the winter season as well as to restore mobility for the traveling public within a reasonable time frame following winter storms.

The City does not have a "bare pavement" policy on residential streets as this would dramatically increase costs and can have negative environmental impacts. Matching the level of service to vehicular volumes reduces salt usage while providing safer travel conditions.

Snow Removal and Timing

It is the City's goal to plow all of its roadways (primary and residential streets) of snow accumulation in as timely a manner as possible. Read and review the following standards outlined for the 2020-2021 season:

Between Two & Six Inches

Removal within 36 hours after the snowfall has ended

Six Inches or More

Removal within 48 hours after the snowfall has ended

These goals may or may not be met when there are extreme snow storms, high winds, or in events resulting in snow accumulation greater than six inches or more. All of these scenarios may require additional time to clear.