Priority Plowing System

The City has established a Priority Plowing system for our 460 centerline miles of roadways based on traffic volume, speed limit and potential safety concerns.

  • First Priority: Primary roadways are those adjacent to schools and leading to hospitals. Primary streets are generally considered arterial and higher traffic volume collector roadways. Hills and bridges are included in this category.
  • Second Priority: Lower traffic volume collector roadways, residential streets, and cul-de-sacs are in this category. During and after a storm, some streets may become snow packed as a result of vehicular traffic over unplowed roads, wind, and drifting conditions. All attempts will be made to reduce snow-packed situations on primary streets. Snow accumulations impairing motorists' sight distances will be monitored and addressed as needed.

City crews will plow one path (in/out) through every roadway to allow residents mobility as early as is practical during a storm event. Crews will return later to finish pushing the snow back "close to curb" to clear storm inlets if and when possible.