K.Nyame Maison (Nana Ekow)

K.Nyame Maison (Nana Ekow)

Ancestors of Ancient PLaces I, Asafo Flag Series
Water Mixable Oil on Canvas and Oil on Canvas 


K.nyame Maison (Nana Ekow) is a Ghanaian American artist located in central Illinois. He is a fine artist who has shown nationwide, the Director of Fine Art at the Foster Gallery at FUMC Peoria, and a part-time instructor at Bradley University. His work reflects the accumulated impact of his West African origin.

Artist Statement | Untitled 2022

37’’ X 91’’, Water mixable Oil on canvas & Oil on Canvas

There is still hope for the healing and restoration of Black people. Acknowledge the past hurt and live unapologetically as a Black person in a biased environment.

Symbols: The tree branch is for healing, the butterfly is for rebirth and longevity, and the cow represents the inhuman treatment meted out to people. Rooster is time and hopes for the future. The canvas is trapezoid-shaped to lend depth and space to the piece—this symbolizes the perplexing nature of Black freedom in a biased society.

Artist Statement | “Ancestors of Ancient Places I”, Asafo Flag Series

35’’ X 45’’, Water mixable Oil on canvas & Oil on Canvas

This artwork serves as a reminder that we are all connected by our shared history and heritage. It illustrates how everyone is a part of a long line of ancestors rather than existing in isolation. By recognizing this connection, we can understand that pointing fingers at each other based on variations in skin complexion only serves to weaken and divide our community. It is important to acknowledge that we are all unique and diverse individuals with different experiences and perspectives. However, these differences should not be used to divide us but rather to celebrate our diversity and strengthen our collective community.

Oil Painting Depicting People Standing, Animals and Human Forms
Oil Painting of Two People Pointing At One Another