Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson aka Rogue Artworkz was born in one of the most beautiful yet roughest countries in the world… Honduras. The name Rogue stems from the breaking or breakdancing as some of you may call it, while Artworkz stands for all the different art styles in his arsenal. Rogue has created a diverse amount of art such as fantasy, wildlife, portraits, vehicles, landscapes, Christian art, and much more. Artworkz has also created a huge collection of both color and black and white art to test his might and versatility. Rogue prides himself in the fact that even though he is almost completely blind he never let this deter him from breaking walls, loving life, appreciating God, and chasing the dream.

"Purpose and meaning are what I love to portray in art and this competition allowed me to do that with this painting."

New Horizons

Artist Statement

One of the meanings of this painting is Women that who nourish and cherish their hopes and dreams have the key to opening the doors to bring new opportunities.

The purpose of this painting is to connect, inspire, and speak to the city of Peoria and the state of Illinois.

Inspiration is key to creating art and I was glad to be inspired by the city of Peoria along with the success of Mayor Rita Ali and the hard-working women of America.

Ray Johnson Mother and Child