Community News & Media

  • Peoria Journal Star - Peoria Journal Star is the local newspaper for the City of Peoria, capturing the local and state news and interests.
  • Peoria Magazine  Published monthly, Peoria Magazine focuses on issues and people of the Greater Peoria region.
  • The Community Word - The Community Word is published monthly and is available free of charge at businesses throughout the Peoria area and online. It reports news and issues in the Peoria area.
  • The Traveler Weekly has served Peoria since 1966 and was founded by Elise F. Allen. 
  • WCBU Radio - WCBU is Peoria's public radio station, located at Bradley University, bringing you the latest local news, views, and weather. WCBU also broadcasts the regularly scheduled City Council meetings. 
  • Week | 25 News Now  WEEK is one of the local television stations that broadcast the news and weather online.
  • WMBD - WMBD also reports the latest news and weather online for your convenience.
  • WMBD Radio - 1470 WMBD is Peoria's news and talk radio station brings you the latest news, views, and weather.
  • WTVP | Public Media for Central Illinois