Permit / License / Event / Registration

Note: The City of Peoria does not issue a standard business license, however the City does issue specific business licenses, occupational licenses, and property registrations.

Permits Issued by the City of Peoria

    Accessory Structure Permit (PDF)

    Administrative Deviation Application

    Alterations or Improvements to Historic Properties

    Block Party Permit

    Construction & Prescribed Burn Permit

    Deck Permit (PDF)

    Demolition Permit

    Designating New Historic Districts and Local Landmarks

    Dumpster/Portable Storage Container - Right-Of-Way Permit

    Electrical Permit

    Erosion & Stormwater Permit

    Excavations/Utilities in the Right-Of-Way Permit

    Fire Protection Systems Permit

    Fireworks Permit

    Floodplain Permit

    Hazardous Materials Permit

    HVAC Permit

 Lane/Alley/Sidewalk Closure Permit

    LPG/Satellite Permits

   Mothball Permit

    New Sidewalk/Drive Approach Permit (Commercial)

    New Sidewalk/Driveway Approach Permit (Residential)

   New Single-Family Permit

    Non-Residential & Multi-Family Permit

   Parking Permit (City Owned Lot/Garages)

    Place of Assembly Permit

    Plumbing Permit

    Pool Permit

    Public Event Permit

    Recreational Fire Permit

    Repair Permit (PDF)

    Residential Parking Permit

    Residential Building Permit

    Right-Of-Way - General Use Permit

    Riverfront Event Permit

    Sidewalk Café / Parklet Permit

    Sign Permit

    Single-Family Alteration Building Permit (PDF)

    Solar Permit

    Solar Voltaic Power Systems Permit

    Special Use Permit (Conditional Use Permit)

    Tent Permit

    Variance Application (Zoning Board of Appeals Commission)