The Public Works Department issues permits for parking lots, erosion and stormwater, and anything in the public right-of-way. Other building permits including electrical, plumbing and roofing are issued by Building Inspections at 309-494-8620.

For more information on how to apply for and obtain a permit from Public Works, please see our Public Works Permit Process (PDF) and our Right-of-Way Permit Fees (PDF).

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Demolition Permits

Demolition permits are issued by the Building Inspections Department at 309-494-8620.

For information on erosion control on a demolition site, contact the Engineering Division of Public Works at 309-494-8800.

For information on sidewalk, driveway and curb specifications and permits, contact the Right-of-Way Permits Division of Public Works at 309-494-8800.

Right-Of-Way Permits

Excavations / Utilities/Contractor

Excavation in the public right-of-way for utility work or any other reason requires approval from the City of Peoria Public Works Department. Work performed without proper permits and inspections are subject to removal and replacement upon notification at no cost to the city.

Dumpster or Portable Storage Containers

The right-of-way use permit is only required if the dumpster or container is stored on the City's right-of-way (i.e. street, alley, etc.)

Downloadable Files:

New Residential Construction - Address Assignments & Public Works Permits

See the Public Works - Address and Property section for more information.

Residential Parking Permits

See the Public Works – Parking section for more information.