Right-of-Way Use (General)

Any work or facility/fixture/structure placed in the City of Peoria right-of-way must have permission from the City of Peoria Public Works Department.

General right-of-way use permits are issued for a number of miscellaneous encroachments that include but are not limited to culverts, retaining walls, landscaping, sprinkler systems and permanent neighborhood signs. The permit acts as a written agreement between the applicant and the City that, in exchange for permission to use the right-of-way, the applicant will maintain the encroachment. In addition, the applicant agrees that the City is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the encroachment from snow plows, utility work, road construction, etc. The applicant agrees that upon notice of the City for good cause (utility work, road construction, etc), the encroachment may have to be removed at no cost to the City.

To obtain a general right-of-way use permit, submit the following information to the Public Works Right-Of-Way Permits Division:

  • Contact information of the applicant
  • Specific location including address of property and description
  • Description of proposed encroachment including a basic site plan

The fee for a general right-of-way use permit is $20, though additional permits may be required based on the nature of the project.