Block Party Permits

A Block Party is a gathering of persons living within a residential neighborhood upon a city-owned right-of-way within that neighborhood for recreational and/or social purposes. For all other events, please contact Account Receivables at City Hall 309-494-8550 and file an application for a Community Event.

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Applications may only be made by a resident of the section or street to be closed. No business shall be able to apply for or sponsor such a permit. Completed applications along with signatures if applicable, may be submitted to the City of Peoria Public Works Permits Division at the following address:
City of Peoria Public Works
Permits Section: Block Parties
3505 N Dries Lane
Peoria, IL 61604

Applications must be received two weeks prior to the event.

Required Signatures

All first-time block parties must obtain approval from all residents and businesses that will be affected by the closure of the street. On the back of the application, please include names, addresses, phone numbers and signatures of one adult from residences and businesses within the area to be blocked.

Annual block parties must apply for a permit each year, but events held for consecutive years in the same location are only required to obtain signatures every four years. If a permit for the block party was not obtained in the previous year, it will be treated as a first-time block party and will require signatures.


A barricade request form must be completed and a deposit of $25 must be paid at that time. Please make checks payable to the City of Peoria. The $25 deposit will be refunded in full upon the return of the barricades in good condition. The individual(s) or organization sponsoring the Block Party is responsible to set up barricades before the event. Barricades can be picked up during normal business hours from the City of Peoria Public Services Facility at the address below on the weekday before the event. Barricade Request Form (PDF).

Tents or Awnings

If you plan to use a tent or awning for the Block Party, it must be inspected by Fire Department personnel. (Note: Tent stakes cannot be driven into driving surfaces or concrete walks.)

For questions or to obtain a tent permit, call the Peoria Fire Department at 309-494-8700.

A Few Rules to Keep in Mind

  • All Block Parties must end by 10 pm.
  • The Block Party sponsors shall maintain an emergency lane approximately 12 feet wide clear at all times for use during the event.
  • Alcoholic beverages shall not be sold. If alcoholic beverages are served, the sponsors are responsible for making sure they are not consumed by minors.
  • Fireworks are not permitted.
  • The Block Party sponsors are responsible for cleaning up the area.

If your event is intended for the general public and goes beyond a neighborhood party, it will likely require approval as a Public Event (PDF) through the City of Peoria Accounts Receivable Office (phone: 309-494-8588).