Dumpster or Portable Storage Containers (PODs) on the Right-of-Way

A permit is required to store a dumpster or a portable storage container on the right-of-way of the City of Peoria.


  • The dumpster/container may not block the traffic lane. There must be sufficient space for emergency vehicles to pass (Fire Department has the right to deny any location).
  • The dumpster/container must be placed fifty feet from an intersection or alley in order to maintain site distance, and must not be within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Barricades with flashing lights are required at each end of the dumpster/container along the traffic side to increase visibility at night. The dumpster/container must also have reflective strips on the sides.
  • Boards must be placed under the dumpster/container to protect the road surface. Any damage to the road surface will be the responsibility of the applicant to have repaired at no cost to the City of Peoria.
  • The permit applicant is responsible for all snow and debris removal in the area surrounding the dumpster or container.


A right-of-way use permit for the placement of a dumpster or a portable storage container costs $20 for every thirty days.

Meter Rental

A meter bag is required if the dumpster or container will occupy a metered parking space. Meter bags are available from Heartland Parking (phone: 309-674-1850). Visit Heartland Parking for more information on meter bag rental.

To Obtain a Permit

Download and print the application for the use of the right-of-way for a dumpster or portable storage unit: Dumpster in the ROW Permit App - Fillable (PDF). Applications may be submitted to:
City of Peoria Public Works Department
Permits Division: Dumpster or Storage Container Permit
3505 N Dries Lane
Peoria, IL 61604
Phone: 309-494-8800
Fax: 309-494-8855

On Private Property

The right-of-way use permit is only required if the dumpster or container is stored on the City's right-of-way (i.e. street, alley, etc.) The dumpster or container may be placed in a driveway or other location on private property, therefore not requiring a permit from the Public Works Department. Contact Community Development for information on guidelines for the storage of dumpsters or containers on private property at 309-494-8600.