One Stop Shop

Get Immediate Feedback on Building Projects

One Stop Shop offers an opportunity to meet with City staff and other agencies involved in the development process for free feedback and advice on building projects.

Participating Agencies

City Departments

Community Development, Public Works, Fire Department, Finance, Police

Outside Agencies

CityLink, Illinois American Water, Peoria City-County Health Department, Ameren Illinois, Greater Peoria Sanitary and Sewer District

Meeting Time, Date, and Location

1:30 PM every Monday (except holidays) on GoToMeeting. 

Join One Stop Shop online.

RSVP by emailing Leah Allison, Assistant Director of Community Development, or call at 309-494-8600. 

Subdivisions must be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and approved by City Council before construction begins. 

  1. The applicant must meet with a member of the Community Development Department to discuss the project.
  2. After a preliminary subdivision plan is prepared, the applicant submits fourteen copies of the plan, one copy reduced to 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, a 100-scale map of the preliminary plan, and the required fee to the Community Development Department.
  3. Those plans are distributed to county and state agencies for review. An analysis and recommendation is prepared by staff and sent with the tentative plans to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  4. The preliminary subdivision plan is reviewed at a public hearing conducted by the Planning and Zoning Commission on the third Wednesday of each month. The plan will either be granted approval, granted approval with changes or conditions, approval denied, or the case will be deferred. The applicant and their representative should attend the Commission meeting. If approved, the applicant has one year to complete the process of final approval and record the subdivision.

Subdivisions using public water and sewer, or building public roads must have construction plans approved. After the necessary changes are made, a final plat is submitted for part or all of the preliminarily approved subdivision. Twelve copies of the final plat are then submitted to the Community Development Department for review and approval. The Director of Community Development sends the final plat to the City Council for final approval. Once final plat approval is obtained, the applicant may have the subdivision recorded by going to the Recorder of Deeds Office at the County Courthouse. Once the plat is recorded, construction may begin.