Sanitary Sewer Information

Sanitary Sewers

The public sanitary sewers in the City of Peoria are either owned by the Greater Peoria Sanitary District or the city of Peoria. Currently, GPSD maintains all of the public sanitary sewers in Peoria through an agreement with the City.

Building sewers are owned by the property owner from the internal building plumbing to the connection with the publicly owned sewer. Maintenance and repair of the building sewer is the responsibility of the individual property owner. This includes both the portion on private property and the portion located beneath the public right-of-way (sidewalks and streets).

GPSD has drawings of the locations of many of the building sewers in the City of Peoria. To check for the availability of the drawing for your building sewer, contact GPSD's Engineering Department at 309-637-3511, ext. 4844 or 309-272-4844.

Sewer Emergencies

Sewer system emergencies include backups of wastewater into a home, overflowing manholes, broken sewer pipes, etc. Call the Greater Peoria Sanitary District (GPSD) first before calling a plumber. GPSD will determine if the problem is with the public sewer or with the private sewer lateral.

Greater Peoria Sanitary District will inspect the public sanitary sewer that serves the property at no cost to the owner. If a problem is found with the public sewer, it will be repaired as soon as possible. If the public sewer is found to be clear, the property owner will be notified that the problem is on the privately owned sewer. If the problem is on a private sewer, the owner can hire a contractor to make the repairs. All repair work must be done by a contractor that is licensed and bonded.

Sanitary Sewer Backup Program

Current design standards require that sanitary facilities located in basements must drain into a dedicated sewage pump and be pumped up to the building sewer at ground level. This is commonly referred to as an overhead sewer line. This policy effectively eliminates all sewage backups into basements.

If your sanitary sewer backs up during heavy rains, you may qualify for one of the City of Peoria Sewer Backup programs. You must be connected to a City-of-Peoria-owned sewer main to qualify for the program. If you are connected to a GPSD sewer main, contact GPSD for their program overhead sewer program information.

The City will participate in 75% (up to $3,500) of a more substantial plumbing conversion and sump pump installation, to raise the sanitary sewer pipe outlet from the building to an elevation above the street manhole. This would eliminate the possibility of sewer back-ups caused by inadequate sewer main capacity.

The City of Peoria will share in the cost to install a combination gate-check valve in residents' basement sewer pipe. The City of Peoria currently reimburses the property owner 75% of the cost to purchase and install the combination gate-check valve for any installation up to $1,200.

Sewer Backup and Wildcat Flyer (PDF)

To request an application, or for additional information, contact Public Works at 494-8800. Applications are also available at the office.

Greater Peoria Sanitary District Sewer Backup Program

On January 1, 1995, the Greater Peoria Sanitary District adopted a policy to only serve sanitary facilities located at ground level and above. Sanitary facilities located in basements must drain into a dedicated sewage pump and be pumped up to the building sewer. This policy effectively eliminates all sewage backups into basements whether there is a blockage in the building sewer or flooding of the District's sewer. All new construction since January 1, 1995, has been constructed in accordance with this policy.

For those properties constructed prior to January 1, 1995, the District has adopted a program similar to the City of Peoria where the cost to replumb basements is shared with the property owner. The District will pay 75% of the plumbing costs, up to a maximum amount of $3,500.

Owners who have experienced a sewer backup in the past are encouraged to consider taking advantage of this program. For further information, please contact the Greater Peoria Sanitary District's Engineering Department at 637-3511, ext. 4844 or visit their website.